Centre for Business & Accounting Research (C-bar) is a professional organization aims at achieving the result concerning the new regulations and disclosure norms that is being imposed by different statutory authorities not only from India but also by some other impact oriented organization operating internationally.

 The key purpose for which the organization works are as follows.

  (1) Preparing the Chartered Accountants and the other highly technical professionals working in the field of Accountancy, Auditing, Taxation, Banking, Finance, Information Technology and other similarfield to give them a platform to undertake subject matters of academic interest. The C-bar shall provide for such academic purpose the necessary data for undertaking different research project including preparing of the doctoral research.

 (2) To help individual professionals, professional bodies and Corporate houses a concrete research based solution to ensure transparency in the maintenance of Accounting.

 (3) To assist in sorting our the loopholes that exists in any accounting system and procedure and also suggest remedies in sorting out such issues.

 (4) To extend professional assistance to various statutory & regulatory bodies with a tailor made solutions and to guide them in framing different regulations for the betterment of the society.

 (5) To educate professionals in regard to different disclosure & guidelines that is being framed from time to time.