CBAR  is a nonprofit , professional organisation with a mission to build and sustain partnership between technical & management professionals, organizations, business and academic institutions, to address people to meet the challenges that impact on accounting and taxtation system and subcommunity

1.  To conduct awareness programs, workshops, conferences, Seminars to promote accounting and management education and research in  India.

2.  Publishing useful literary works for the welfare and development of research in accounting and finance.

3.  The educational system will conduct Women and Child Welfare (including rehabilitation programmes) and    prorogation of specialised knowledge.

4.  To promote Research and Development in the Field  of Higher Education in accounting and finance.

5.  To enhance professional ideas & standards ideas in Technology and Management areas.

6.  To Provide thought leadership, Education and research in the areas of Management and Technical Education.

 7. To Promote Higher Education in India.

8.  To provide a platform where academicians, research scholars and students can meet at the same platform and share advancements in research and development in their research area in special reference to accounting and finance.